Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pulled Pork Practice Butt

A couple weeks back we fired up our modified Char Griller Offset Smoker and did a practice run on Pulled Pork Shoulder. Here was our journey in pictures.

 The night before our cook we prepared our pork rub with the follow ingredients:
A little sweet and a lot of heat! 
Just like Luscious Launa herself!

 Lets not forget our Pork Injection Liquid:
Our Injection Liquid is a simple combination of apple juice, water, white sugar, Worcestershire and rub. 

12 Hour Prior to Cook:
Trimmed, Injected and Rubbed ready wrapped for the night.
After this Butt has been properly rubbed down and injected with my special sauce we put it to bed for the night!

1 Hour prior to cook:
At this point we like to pull the Butt from the Fridge we slap that butt with a little more rub and let is rest while the cooker is heating.

 Zero Hour:
250 degrees on our Char Griller Modified Offset Smoker with Hickory Chunks for 12 Hours

6 Hours In:
Half Way through and the Crust is looking Great!

 12 Hours and DONE on TIME:
205 degree internal temp on our Luscious Launa's Smoking Hot Butt is done!

12 Hours +30min:
 After a 30 min rest period and 2 beers later 
We Pulled the Pork!

Pitmaster Notes: 
  • Had a little influx in the heat up to 295 in hour 1 
  • We did baste the Butt with Apple Juice every 45 min to an hour.