Monday, May 19, 2014

Lollipop Chicken Legs Practice Cook

Luscious Launa's BBQ Lollipop Chicken Legs
So over the weekend we finally had a break in our lousy cold, windy and wet weather here in South Dakota.  The window was short so we decided on practicing on our chicken.  We picked up a package of legs at the local Walmart for about 4 dollar and light the coals, cracked some cold ones and cooked some lollipop chicken legs.

 Step 1. Preparing the Chicken Legs

Cut around leg bone pushed meat down to form "lollipop" trimmed out the cartilage and pin bone from chicken legs.

Step 2. Seasoned and Foil Wrapped

We used our basic Sweat and Heat Spice Rub on our Chicken. Brown Sugar, Kosher Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Chipotle, Cayenne Cumin, Celery Salt.. Wrapped the legs with foil to preserve the color of the bone.

Step 3. Cook

Cooked at 275 for approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes over hickory chunks.  Glazed the chicken with a commercial BBQ sauce once the internal temp hit 170.  Cooked glazed lollipops for another 10 minutes and until internal temps hit 175 and glaze was set.

Finished Product:

Color texture and flavor was spot on!
Need to take a little extra time to clean up the knuckle from excess meat before cooking to improve presentation.

Thank you for your feedback and look forward to your comments.

Chris H.
Luscious Launa's BBQ Team Pitmaster